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Hello Traders, We have a new trading example for you. Damyan traded the bullish potential of a Hammer Reversal Candle Pattern, staying into the trade until the major bearish trend line was reached on the chart.

Hey guys! A new video for the Live Trading Example series: This time Damyan traded a bounce from a bearish trend. The price initially hesitated on the trend line and even close few candles above. This is why Damyan decided to get an early exit from the trade and not to risk the already created […]

Taking on Forex trading is, like any endeavor, a journey that has its own set of victories and defeats. For you to become a successful trader, besides diligently educating yourself, planning, and executing your strategies, the ability to remain coolheaded and not get tangled up in emotions is as crucial as the rest. This is […]

One of the most important ingredients for the successful Forex trading is the chart patterns technical analysis. Recognizing figures on the graph is an essential part of the Forex strategy of every trader. It is vital that you learn chart patterns and their meaning. Therefore, I have decided to spare some time to show you […]

Hey guys! Damyan has a new video for us! He traded short after a support breakout and he supported his decision by spotting a Hanging Man candle pattern. He shows some risk management techniques by closing half of the trade after the price moved as expected.

Hello traders, In this video Damyan traded a consolidation breakout on the USD/JPY Forex pair. The price action moved as expected and Damyan adjusted his Stop Loss order on the entry level to break even and to stay in the market with a risk-free trade!

Hello traders, In this video Damyan traded a swing inside an Expanding Triangle. Damyan effectively used the upper level of the Triangle as a resistance in a combination with a Reversal Candle Pattern to open a short trade pursuing a price drop to the lower level of the figure

As you’re likely aware, there are a few different methods you can use to analyse the financial markets. One of them is called Technical Analysis (TA), which is the analysis of charts and the associated data surrounding them. Within this broad description there are a number of different ways you can apply TA, which at least partially depend on the chart types that you use. (more…)

Hey guys! This video is a very good example of how to trade trend breakouts. Damyan shorted the EUR/USD after a bullish trend breakout caused by a bounce from a resistance level.

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