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Have you ever noticed how often you bargain for things you want to buy while travelling abroad, even if the price is already far less than what you would expect to pay in your own country? Because you’re just trying to get the price you think is best for what you’re purchasing! Well, in trading you should be thinking similarly – just because you regularly make money from your established take-profit level, are you extracting the maximum amount from every trade? Is my stop-loss too close to my entry point? How is my take-profit in regards to my stop-loss? Let’s discuss about how to set your take-profit.


Fibonacci in Forex

by Kirill Eremenko


Today we will be looking at Fibonacci Retracements in Forex. The term ‘Fibo Levels’ is often used by analysts and traders. However, where do these levels actually come from? And what do the mean? How do you use them?

Those are exactly the questions we will answer today. Watch this 8 minute video and you will have a whole new appreciation for Fibonacci levels.


Forex Triangle Pattern

by Kirill Eremenko


The triangle pattern is one of my favourite patterns in the Forex Market. It is very easy to trade and it is highly effective! Today I will show you exactly how you can take advantage of this market formation.

The triangle pattern is very common – it usually occurs inbetween trends and signals consolidation on the market.  Often when you see the triangle formation it means that traders are uncertain of where the currency pair is going to go next.


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