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As FOREX traders, we’ve closely followed the BREXIT issue during the first part of 2016. BREXIT’s effects on the markets (especially on the currency markets) resulted in many trading opportunities! We then shifted our attention to the US election and its impact during the 2nd semester of 2016. Here again, market participants haven’t underestimated the […]


While putting together your FOREX strategy, you’ll need to find the right trading tools. It’s hard to do so with so many different options available, but the Ichimoku indicator allows any trader to take advantage of a complete trading toolbox with just one indicator. Read more to learn how the Ichimoku indicator works and how to interpret the different lines.



Building a comprehensive trading strategy is not easy, and you need to think it through based on your risk tolerance, trading style and financial situation. Let me give you an insight into 3 Powerful FOREX Strategies you can implement to take your trading to the next level.



The 23rd of June 2016. A day etched into people’s minds, the day that the British people decided to leave the European Union.

Nobody saw it coming. Bookmakers were betting on a “Remain” victory, and markets expected the same result, so when the results came out, investors panicked and triggered a sell-off that affected most asset classes, except for safe-haven assets such as gold, YEN, CHF and USD for example.

But officially, the UK hasn’t left the EU yet. Article 50 must be triggered first, and a two year period of negotiations will most likely follow. As investors, what should you focus on now? What should you expect? Where are the main moneymaking opportunities?


FOREX strategy

Building a trading strategy is obviously not easy, but once you’ve tested your trading system you can then follow it on “autopilot” – the system makes the decisions, you’re just implementing them. This allows you to be more efficient in the long-term. Why test your trading plan? How do you test it and what by criteria should you be evaluating it?



The evolution of commodity prices is generally opposite to the American dollar (USD). Let’s see the reasons behind this relationship and what the main movers for the USD are.


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