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What is a Trading or Trade Idea?

It is a potential trading opportunity to sell or buy a currency pair in the Forex market. Analysts generate trading Ideas or signals after taking a look at different Forex charts and indicators across different time frames. Although they shouldn't be considered as financial advice, Forex trading ideas are great to get a good notion on how to perform Forex analyses and identify profitable trades.

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How to read and use our trading ideas

Watch the Videos:
Watch the videos included on each of the trading ideas blog posts, this will help you to get a better understanding behind the potential market opportunity and you will also learn the rationale that our Forex analysts are using. They might mention critical support or resistance levels, price patterns that they identified and how they are applying different indicators on the charts to help them determine which currency pairs might be worth considering for potential market entry.

Check the currency pair for each idea:
Our analysts have included the name and symbol of the currency pair related to a specific trading idea. Make sure to open the same chart in your trading platform so you can follow along.

Make sure you understand the trading idea direction:
We publish both Buy and Sell trading opportunities. The nature of each idea is included in the post. Don't forget to consider this, especially if you want to place a trade on your demo account.

Replicate the setups in your trading platform:
Practice your skills by replicating the analyses we share; this will help you to gain traction and come up with your own trading ideas.