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  • JesusGarcia

    Hello guys I have a question about Brokers, I’m looking for a broker without any deposit limit. I have Tried Oanda I send the documents but they have not created the account yet and that was like a month ago. any suggestion of a good broker?

    What was the Limit that Oanda suggested?

    kirsten McAdams

    Hi jesus, I would like to suggest this online trading company that ensures your best trading experience and offers it’s client the latest trading technology.

    And what is the name of that broker? 🙂


    Hello JesusGarcia,
    do you mean that you want to have a very low deposit (starting from 1.00$) or you are thinking of making a 1 billion dollars deposit? If you meant one dollar deposit – you can find some cents brokers who will convert your deposit into cents (so your one dollar is converted into 100 cents and you will see 100.00 at you balance. Nut keep in mind that such brokers may have problems with sending your orders to the market, (they need 100 users who will send 0.0001 real lots) so they are covering your position withing their dealing centre or, in other words, they do not pass your position to the market so they are interested in you losing your account. they are probably providing just information services and do not expect them to allow you to withdraw your earnings, they might be scam firms. They are good to test your expert advisor in real conditions but we do not advise you to make large deposits because you will lose your money or they will help you to lose it.


    Ok let me tell you guys, I have 3000 usd$. but I have seen brookers that the mini depot is 10000 or 25000 usd$ and of course I dont have that amount, I have tried to register with the broker oanda and with the one that is on this link but the documents that I have sent to them is not enought (even with my passport) , so ask the question here to see what brokers do you guys use. I got an account with this broker a few days ago ( but Im not sure if it a valid broker or an scam. also this one that someone here ( let me know does not work for my country I live in dominican republic.

    That’s always the hottest topic – what broker to use. The only thing I can advise you is to conduct a detailed survey examining their regulation, licenses, reviews, leverage they offer, etc. What did AxiTrader say?


    I dont have the emails anymore to show you but basically it was that every document that I sent was not enought at the end I gave up with axitrader.

    Cameron Fitzgerald

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    Seb Alsov

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