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  • GeorgiosMargaritis

    Hi to all!!

    I want to ask 2 questions:

    1) Is there any powerful strategy using cci indicator?
    2) Is there any powerful strategy with data analysis without watching a chart? For example using data analysis on past or recent prices to see: a) phase of the market b) buy or sell decision c) and where the market can go in order to set take profit and stop loss.

    Thank you in advanced


    Also i want to ask if you can create some course, where you can explain how we can build portfolios in forex and if we can build EA’ s for portfolios and how we can do it.

    Hey Georgios,

    1) I personally haven’t traded with the CCI indicator, but google shows some interesting results in terms of strategies with this indicator.

    2) Maybe if you add some custom dashboard, you will be able to watch the chart less?

    3) We are constantly working on building new courses and we will have the recommendation in mind. 🙂


    Hello Damyan.

    I want to ask if you can create some video to demonstrate how draw correctly support and resistance levels, in multiple time frames.

    Thank you in advanced

    Hey Georgios,

    In couple weeks we will be publishing an article explaining in details how to handle support and resistance!


    Hi Damyan and all,

    I was thinking of baying a trading strategy and wanted to get you outlook on this. One of the big manes is Russ Horn and some more persons claiming to make good and consistent profits. I know that you do not promote any system and I use this one only as example for the sake of the question. There is numerous systems on the internet claiming to make $1000 to even $3000 per day.

    What is you opinion on baying and using a system like that.

    Kind Regards.


    I saw his group on facebook. Anyway i cant trust some one who is telling that he is offering a system that makes 1000-3000 per day with huge ammount of lots.


    Hi Georgios and Desmond. I will give you my opinion on this matter together as your questions are related. Wait of course for others opinions to make up your mind.
    I would say that any good system with a good risk – reward will offer good results. Good system means a tested one.
    Harmonic patterns for example is a system that is proven and you will not have to pay anything to learn it as all the info is available for free on the internet. But, I am going to tell you something terrible right now- you will have to obey the rules or it will not work. 🙂
    The book of reference is Harmonic Trading vol 1 and 2 (please read vol 2 as well, the patience is rewarding as many tips and tricks are reveled o this one)
    Russ Horn- I came across his strategies, they are simple and clear but you still need to learn to trade and test everything on a demo account.
    Hope this helped




    I’d start by looking (one by one) into a limited number of strategies that don’t set my expectations (too) high and don’t cost me anything else but time and mental energy.
    I’d use accumulated knowledge to understand how every system works. If it’s profitable, why it is? If it’s not, what’s keeping it from being so.

    Understanding the nuts and bolts of a free already made trading system will help anyone devise his’s own strategy / system. Your own system will work best for you in any market because you will know what to tweak, adjust and optimize.

    The system you buy will work. Rarely as advertised. Surely for a limited amount of time.

    Where that will leave you?
    Another more or less happy client of a EA maker that keeps you close not because he wants you to learn, but because he wants you to buy.


    anyone with a trading system for XAUUSD?

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