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  • This is the place where you can chat with the other members on topics of any kind: Cooking, Cleaning, Video Games, Cars, Cosmetics or whatever! 🙂

    Elaine LaBonte

    There are so many resources to learn NinjaTrader 8 that I’m trying to piece it all together at once. Could someone help me with my newbie question.
    I’ve placed 3 sell orders and one buy order, each for $10,000 on a simulator (not real money). My account started with $50,000 of virtual money. There doesn’t seem to be a place that clearly states how much I lost or what any profit might be. It seems like reasonable data to expect since it’s all cut and dried. Can you perhaps give me a link to a training video or article that gives this info?

    Elaine LaBonte

    One more youtube video showed me what I need. Trade performance is under “New” on the control panel. It seems that I lost $10.51 for the month to date. I think that is per $1000, which means I’ve lost $10510 virtual money. Yikes

    Oscar LitoPablo

    Hi Damyan,

    I believe your #Forexgiveaway sweepstakes may have been rigged by a Twitter user whose primary existence is to enter sweepstakes, and which does it in an automated way.

    I think it will be a good idea to evaluate the integrity of your sweepstakes project and investigate/analyze your sweepstakes rules and the submitted entries to see if there’s anything that negatively or unfairly affected the results.

    I’m a current Forexboat Academy subscriber and a multiple-course customer at as well. Your sweepstakes project is a great project, and anything that negatively affects its integrity is bad for Forexboat and for its customers.

    All the best,


    Oscar LitoPablo


    A second observation about your #Forexgiveaway sweepstakes. I noticed that after doing an Advanced Search on Twitter for ANY of the words “forex”, “forexgiveaway”, “forexboat” (or the tag #Forexgiveaway) and searching for them with the Twitter user/handle “@Amandaspamanda”. the search results are EMPTY (or nothing found).

    This means @Amandaspamanda most likely didn’t tweet or post any Twitter message that contains any of those words, or otherwise deleted them (but why delete them?).

    In the absence of any reasonable explanation or logical rationale, one gets the impression that your Forexgiveaway sweepstakes may have been RIGGED.

    Please investigate this possible anomaly and let us know the result of your investigation. I think it is very important to Forexboat’s reputation as a company that you find answers to this potential issue.



    PS: I’m a software developer who understands the techniques involved in Twitter search. I also have developed two (2) applications using the Twitter API, so I’m quite familiar with Twitter.

    Hey man!

    I get back to you to let you know that we have launched another giveaway! You can check it out here: Forex Giveaway

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