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    I am a complete newbie, but I am running a demo account on Metatrader 4. I have a few robots I downloaded, and I have running just for the fun of watching them and learning EA optimization. I have noticed a few things in the account history that I cannot explain. I was wondering if others have noticed them or If somebody already knows what they mean.

    1) “Swap” the order type says “Balance” but then down the row it says “Swap” and then it has “-$114.70”. There was no order executed by me or the robot, it just took $114 out of the account. If it was real money I would be mad, but it is fake so I am just confused. I have 3 more just like it, one for +$90, -$8, and, +$0.78.

    2) “buy stop” and “sell stop” these are very confusing also. I have 4 “buy stop”s under type in my account history and the profit column says nothing, it is just blank. They all have a price, a stop loss, a take profit, everything normal except that it looks like they never did anything. I also have a one “buy stop” and one “sell stop” in my trade tab. They are not moving like an open trade would and have a blank profit column also, with a delete box next to them.

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