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  • This is a discussion where we will talk about trading strategies and ideas related to the USD/JPY Forex pair. Feel free to share your analysis or trading system with the YEN.


    What’s Up?
    I trade only the USDJPY , I want to master that before moving on. I believe that will make the other pairs a piece of cake after learning the ways of the Yen.

    There is a qoute that says something like” I do not fear the man that knows many forms of combat, I fear only the man who has mastered ONE PUNCH.”

    (screams) “Ouhht, Yen Punchu!”


    JPY pairs are very attractive instruments to trade mostly because they tend to trend.
    However, that’s a two edged sword.
    Being prone to Central Bank intervention and sudden political shifts in perception, the risks are bound to be greater, too.
    Remember how you learned to swim (if you did so), @WesGoodman?
    Was the deep end of the pool the first thing you’ve jumped into?!

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